Password Tips

  • Your JWU password gets you into JWU's email, WiFi, lab and library computers, and jwuLink. Things to know about your JWU password:

    • Expires every 90 days
    • Cannot be any of your previous 5 passwords
    • Must have a minimum of 8 characters
    • Must include uppercase letters and lowercase letters
    • Must have at least 1 number or 1 symbol
    • Cannot include your username

    JWU will never ask for your username or password via email or phone.

    Easily Reset, Retrieve, or Change Your Password

    When you forget your password, do you want to reset it on your own? Create a Question & Answer profile now, in our Password Reset Manager. You'll then be able to reset it on your own, anytime.

    You can also reset your password in person or by phone. In person: With your JWU ID, visit a computer lab or Student Academic Services. By phone: Call Student Academic Services.

    Do Not Share Passwords

    Remember to keep your passwords to yourself. And, no one should be asking you for it. JWU employees will never ask for your password -- and you should not offer it. If someone IS asking, beware -- it could be a scam.