• If you are a JWU student or guest, you can print from any student computer workstation (e.g. computer lab, classroom, Library) at no additional cost.
    1. Use a JWU student computer workstation (e.g. computer lab, classroom, Library).
    2. Log in as yourself with your username and password. Otherwise, you will not be able to pick up your document at a print station.
    3. Open your file and send it to print.
    4. Visit any print station and swipe your JWU ID card.
    (It does not matter whether card is swiped left to right or right to left, nor whether the magnetic stripe is up or down)

    See below for your campus print station locations:
    Downcity print stations

    Academic Center
    3rd Floor Hallway
    4th Floor Hallway

    2nd Floor Hallway

    PA Building , 2nd Floor

    The Den, Commuter Lounge

    Yena Center Library
    1st Floor
    2nd Floor

    The Cove,1st floor

    Renaissance Hall, 2nd floor

    Xavier Hall, front lobby

    Snowden Hall, front lobby

    McNulty Hall, front lobby

    Imperial Hall, front lobby

    Harborside print stations

    Harborside Computer Lab
    C1, C3, C4

    Harborside Academic Center
    Hallway outside of computer labs

    Harborside Library

    Harborside Village, Front lobby

    Harbor View

    East Hall, front lobby

    West Hall, front lobby

    South Hall, front lobby

    North Miami print stations

    Academic & Student Center

    • 104
    • 106
    • 3rd Floor student lounge

    Library Computer Lab
    The Cyber Café

    Denver print stations

    Auditorium Lobby
    Aspen Hall, 2nd floor (outside Math Lab)
    CAS, Academic Center, 1st floor (across from Lab 168)
    Culinary hallway (outside CUL 100)
    Library Labs 2, 3
    Vail Lobby

    Charlotte print stations

    Academic Center 433-436
    Cedar Hall South, 1st floor front lobby
    City View Towers, 1st floor rear lobby
    Gateway Center, 4th floor Lounge
    Gateway Village, Library Computer Lab
    Gateway Village, Library Information Commons
    Wildcat Center, Wildcat Den

    5. Select your print job, then select the “PRINT” icon to have your job begin printing.
    6. Select the “EXIT” icon in the upper-left corner of the screen to exit out of the print job queue.
    (Important to perform BEFORE moving to another printer)


    You can pick up a guest printing card at any computer lab or library.


    4 Hours to Print

    You can send multiple documents to print, and pick them all up when it is convenient.


    Secure Printing

    You are the only person who sees your documents at the print station.


    Green + Eco-Friendly

    Our print stations allow you to avoid printing header pages and multiple doc versions.



    Use the printers in your office (all campuses) and/or Faculty Resource Center (PVD only).