Android Setup

  • Follow these steps to set up O365 faculty/staff email on your Android:
    1. Make sure your phone is connected to WiFi.
    2. Tap “Settings.”
    3. Tap “Accounts.”
    4. Tap “Add Account.”
    5. Tap the “Microsoft Exchange” option.
    6. Enter your JWU email address and JWU password.
    7. Tap “Next.”
    8. Enter the domain is in this format: \ (i.e. \
    9. In the Server address field, enter “”
    10. Make sure "Use secure connection (SSL)" is selected.
    11. Tap “Next.”
    12. You will see an Activation screen. Tap “OK.”
    13. You will see a Remote Security Administration screen. Tap “OK.”
    14. You will see an Account Options screen. Tap “OK.”
    15. Tap “Activate.”
    16. Tap “Done.” Your setup is complete: JWU email is now added to your mobile device’s inbox.
    O365 EMAIL

    50 GB of Storage

    You get a 200% increase in capacity!