Reserve a Room

  • Follow the below steps to reserve a room for your meeting, and send a meeting invite at the same time.

    Note: For the Charlotte Campus University Event Center or Hance Auditorium, please use Charlotte's event request form to reserve those rooms.

    1. Start Outlook.
    2. On the Home tab, click “New Items.”
    3. Select “Meeting.”
    4. In the meeting window that pops up, enter the necessary fields: "To, Subject, Start Time, End Time."
    5. Click “Rooms…” to select an available conference room.
    6. Double-click on the room you want. The room will appear in the “Location” and “To” fields.
    Find which rooms are available
    • Select the rooms you want to choose from.
    • Click "OK."
    • Use the Room Finder window to view rooms available the day of your meeting.
    • Click "Suggested times," and your meeting time will change to the new suggested time.
    • Click "Scheduling Assistant" to see if your meeting attendees and rooms are available.
    • Decide which room works best, and uncheck all but that room. This will remove the other rooms from the meeting invite.
    7. Click “OK.” Your room is reserved: You can send your meeting invite.
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