Hardware and Software

  • Follow these steps to request NEW technology-related hardware and software.

    When Should I Complete this Form?

    • You only need to complete this form if:
      • You need a new type of software, or a piece of hardware, to enhance how you do your job
      • You have a new (+1) position (not needed to request existing items for turnover/replacement positions, as those items would already exist)

    • JWU IT provides the following to all employees in support of standard job functionality: 
      • Computer
      • Access to a departmental network printer/multifunction device
      • Department-specific software as licensed
      • Desk phone (Centrex or VoIP, per location requirement)

     Instructions and Process:

    1. Confirm your account number with your supervisor.
    2. Complete the Hardware/Software Request form.
    • Fill out ALL fields; incomplete forms will be returned, and result in delays.
    3. Email attach the completed form to IT at it@jwu.edu
    4. You will be notified of your request's status, after it is reviewed (IT reviews requests every week).
    5. Your estimated cost for your final approval will be provided by IT, before we charge your account.
    • IT works very closely with the approved budget for the current fiscal year.
    • Departments pay for some specialized software licenses, but IT must approve all software requests.
    • Hardware cannot be expensed directly from your department's budget: All requests must go through IT before approval and purchasing.

    Submit Your Request Early

    If it's in stock, you'll receive it in 2 weeks.
    If not, it may take 6-8 weeks.