Fake Job Email Scam

  • Mar 8, 2016

    Over the past weeks, a number of JWU students have received a phishing email offering fraudulent employment opportunities.

    These scam emails have subject lines like “Courier-Office Assistant Position” and “Student Employment Opportunity”; and are not from an official JWU email address.

    Phishing is an email-based attack, attempting to fool you into taking an action and providing your personal information.

    What to Do

    • If you receive this scam email, delete it.
    • If you have responded to the email, contact JWU IT immediately.
    • If you are unsure of or receive a suspicious email, contact JWU IT.

    Know how to spot email phishing || Contact JWU IT

    Please Note

    This recent email scam is NOT connected to our career expos, and we encourage you to attend these great networking events.

    You can continue to use our jwu-CSO website for employment searches. This recent email scam is NOT connected to the employers who are actively recruiting JWU students.