Scams Targeting Universities

  • Dec 4, 2015

    JWU IT is aware of multiple scams targeting universities and their students and employees across the nation. The scams range from Internet fraud to computer intrusions. Common scams that are encountered are:

    Invoice Scam

    Phishing emails to university Procurement office employees. The emails contain attachments, typically have “Invoice” in the subject lines, and include information about the invoice.

    What to Do Do not open the attachment until you confirm that the email is from a valid vendor or sender that JWU works with.

    Payroll Scam

    Phishing emails to university employees that appear to be from their employer. Emails claim an issue has arisen, with a link to a website that requires employee login information (username and password). If login information is entered, the scammers can access the university's computer systems and redirect employee payroll payments to another bank account.

    What to Do Inform JWU IT or JWU Human Resource & Payroll, if you are unsure of or receive a suspicious email. Check the link's URL to see if it looks suspicious and not like our typical web addresses.

    Job Scams

    Fake online ads for administrative jobs that target college students, offering payment by mail or email.

    What to Do Do not click on ads that look too good to be true.

    Scam Tips

    1. Do not click on links in suspicious emails. Instead, in your internet browser, directly type in the organization's website and check if the information or offer is legitimate. Or, call the organization directly.
    2. Don't open email attachments if you're not 100% sure who sent it and what the attachment is supposed to contain.