Yahoo Hack

  • ALERT: Yahoo Hack

    When: August 5, 2016

    WHO: Faculty and Staff all campuses

    WHAT: Information Technology Department has received reports that the data of 200 million Yahoo users, including usernames & passwords, dates of birth for all users, and in some cases, backup email addresses, country of origin, and ZIP codes for U.S. users are up for sale on the dark web. The reported hacker is the same that has been linked to hacks at LinkedIn, MySpace, Tumblr,, and

    TO DO: If you have a Yahoo account, you are advised to change your password at this time and, remember, do not use the same password that you use to access your university accounts. If your Yahoo password is the same as your university network account password, change it immediately! You should always use different passwords for different types of accounts. This doesn't mean every single account you have online needs its own password. You can reuse a password on web sites that can't cause you any harm. But if a web site is storing personal information, especially credit card or financial information, then it needs to have its own unique password. In addition, if you have any of the following types of accounts, you should use unique, strong passwords, for each:

    • University accounts (particularly, your network password)
    • Email account (s)
    • Online bank account
    • Online credit card account
    • Online tax preparation accounts
    • Social media account
    • Any account that stores personal data about you (home address, financial information, etc
    • Any account that someone could post information in your name that would be damaging to your reputation