Providence Black Minibox Setup

  • Follow these steps to program your black Cox Communications mini digital converter box in your res hall room and/or common area.
    1. Plug in the TV, but leave it powered off.
    2. Insert the provided batteries into the remote.
    3. Plug your cable into the TV:
    • If your TV supports HD: Use an hdmi cable
    • If not: Use the coax cable
    • Do NOT use both types of cables
    4. Connect the power cable from the box to a nearby outlet.
    • If you are using a coax cable, make sure you are on channel 3 for the device to display once the TV is powered on.
    5. Turn on your TV, and wait for it to come up.
    6. On your remote, press and hold the “Setup” button until the “Power” button blinks twice, then release.
    7. Press and release “power."
    8. Press and hold the “Setup” button until device turns off, then release.
    9. If you have an issue, refer to the programming guide included with the remotes for more ways to program your box.
    10. If you have any issues with a Cox mini box, remote, or cable TV service, follow these steps to call Cox for help.