Providence Cable Repairs

  • Basic cable television service is provided throughout campus in all res hall bedrooms. Follow these steps if you have issues with your cable:
    1. Call Cox Communications at 866-222-7686.
    2. When the call center agent answers, say "Johnson & Wales University" and the name of res hall.
    • East Hall: Say "East Hall Suite E."
    • West Hall: Say "West Hall Suite W."
    • South Hall: Say "South Hall Suite S."
    3. Provide your res hall's physical address, which you can find find here (or ask a Res Life staff member).
    4. Identify the problem you are experiencing with your cable service.
    5. The agent will try to troubleshoot your problem. If it cannot be resolved via phone, he/she will schedule an appointment.
    6. If an appointment is scheduled, you must be in your room between the appointment times given.

    • The Cox technician must stop at your res hall front desk to sign in.
    • Campus Safety & Security will not allow a Cox technician in your room without you being present.

    1 Cable Jack/Room

    Each residence hall bedroom has a basic cable jack.