Internet and WiFi

  • Internet is available everywhere on campus via the JWU network, with a wireless connection or wired connection.

    Internet via WiFi

    Computers and mobile devices can connect to the JWU wireless network, WIFIJWU. Simply connect to WIFIJWU and open a web browser and go to any website. A JWU login page will automatically display, asking for your JWU username and password. This login step ensures the security of the JWU network by checking for valid JWU user accounts.

    Internet via Wired Cable

    All buildings have wifi access. Most residence halls have wired connections. If you are in a residence hall with wired connections and you need a wired connection in your room, please contact JWU IT to get a network port activated in your room. Once the room's port is activated, plug in an Ethernet cable and open a web browser.

    Residence Halls with Specific Access

    Charlotte Campus' City View Towers have specific access steps through Time Warner Cable.