• Your JWU password gets you into JWU's email, WiFi, computers, and jwuLink. So, be sure to know how JWU passwords work.

    Want to reset or change your password on your own, anytime? Create a Question & Answer profile in our Password Reset Manager. If you're new to JWU, this tool will also get you setup with your first JWU password.

    Follow these steps to create your own profile:

    2. Enter your username.
    Password - enter username
    3. Click your username from the list that displays.
    Password - choose user
    4. Choose your option:
    • To retrieve your password, click "Forgot My JWU Password."
    • To change your password, click "Manage My JWU Password."
    • To change your security questions, click "My JWU Questions & Answers Profile."
    5. Follow the instructions onscreen.
    Password - Questions
    6. Once your password is reset, wait 20 minutes before using the new password.

    Resets Every 90 Days

    Create a new password when you get an alert that it's about to expire


    Reset in Person

    Bring your JWU ID to select computer labs, or visit Student Academic Services.


    Reset by Phone

    Students who are off campus,
    call SAS for a reset:
    Providence: 401-598-1088
    North Miami: 305-892-7038
    Denver: 303-256-9700
    Charlotte: 980-598-1300


    Reset on Mobile

    When resetting, change your password on your phone, too - or your account may lock.


    Report Account Misuse

    If you think someone is using your account, CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD IMMEDIATELY. Then, contact IT.