The “H Drive” is your departmental (shared) network storage space. These directories are limited to employees in each respective department only.

Example: only Facilities Management employees have access to the “Facilities Management” directory.

The H Drive is automatically mapped for access from both on and off the JWU network, and is “Persistent” (i.e. it should always stay mapped, and show as either CONNECTED with the drive icon in green and available space indicated, or DISCONNECTED with the drive icon in gray and a red “X”).

You can access it from off campus (once logged into VPN), or manually map to it if needed by following the instructions below.


There is an assigned employee in each department filling the role of “H Drive Manager,” responsible adding and removing users for access to any of the subfolders, including:

  • “Administration” (for department head use only)
  • “Internal Shared” (for all departmental employees)
  • “Student Assistants” (for all departmental student employees)
  • “External Shared” (for sharing files with users in other departments, and other campuses)

Please see your department head or administrative assistant for details.

1. On your desktop, click “Start."

2. Click “Computer.”

3. Click “Map network drive.”

4. Select “H:\.”

5. Enter the following:

  • Providence: \\\providence
  • N. Miami: \\\miami
  • Denver: \\\denver
  • Charlotte: \\\charlotte

6. Select “Reconnect at logon.”

7. Click “Finish.”

1. On your desktop, click "Go."

2. Click “Connect to server.”

3. Enter your campus information:

  • Providence: smb://
  • N. Miami: smb://
  • Denver: smb://
  • Charlotte: smb://

4. Click “Connect.”