1. Download the Pulse Secure installer.

2. Open the package file.

3. Click "Continue" and "Install."

4. Enter your Macintosh Administrator-level credentials.

5. Click "Close" to complete the installation.

6. After successful installation the Pulse Secure icon will be visible in the Menu Bar.

7. Click the Pulse Secure Icon. Select "Open Pulse Secure."

8. Click the + icon.

9. Enter this information:

Then click "Add."

10. Once configured the JWU VPN ACCESS connection will display in the Pulse Secure dialog box with the Connect button on the right.

Begin the initial connection by clicking on the Connect button.

11. Enter your JWU username and password and click connect.

12. Once connected, a green checkmark will display next to the connection name and there will be a Disconnect button. The Menu bar icon will also change.

To Log Out:


1. In the menu bar, click the Junos Pulse icon. Select "Open Junos Pulse."

2. Click "Disconnect."

You will see the Junos Pulse icon change back to normal. You are now disconnected.