jwuLink Login FAQs

What's jwuLink?

  • It's a web portal that takes our various applications (e.g. GPS, ulearn, Involvement Network, on-campus housing system, etc.) and makes them accessible via one secure login.

  • It also provides news and quick links to further resources.

Who has access to jwuLink?

  1. Active students

  2. Inactive students (only those who became inactive May 2011 and after)

  3. Alumni (only those who graduated May 2011 and after)

  4. Active faculty

  5. Specified staff (those who access GPS, uSucceed, the Involvement Network + Admissions, Library and Safety & Security staff)

Note: These roles are based on the status of each user's Banner record.

How do new students & faculty get their login info?

  • They must visit newuser.jwu.edu and complete the 5-step account setup.

  • This link is available on the jwuLink login screen.

  • Weekly email notices are emailed to newly deposited students based on the following schedule:

jwulink faq.JPG
  • Emails are sent to the personal address on the student's record - it may or may not be accurate & sometimes this info has not been provided.

When can new students & faculty access the new user site?

  • When a new record is being created, it takes about 24-72 hours for all account creation processes to finish.

  • Records must exist first in BOTH Banner and Active Directory (the system where email accounts are created).

  • Student records are created in Banner when the reservation fee has been satisfied.

What steps are involved on the new user site?

  1. Enter J#

  2. Validate personal data

  3. Set up security questions & answers (for password resets)

  4. Create a password

  5. jwuLink user name and JWU email account are displayed

What's the personal data that gets validated on the new user site?

  • Domestic student = last name, date of birth, phone number, campus, street number, 5 digit zip code

  • International student = last name, date of birth, campus, passport number, nation of birth

  • Faculty = last name, phone number, campus, street number, 5 digit zip code, college

What happens if personal data is missing?

  • The user will get an error explaining there is missing information and to contact Student Academic Services.

  • SAS will review the student's personal details (following FERPA protocols).

  • If date of birth is missing, students are referred to Admissions (proper documentation must be provided).

  • If passport info is missing, students are referred to International Admissions (proper documentation must be provided).

What happens if the new user keeps entering the wrong info?

  • After 5 unsuccessful attempts, they get locked out from the site - users are directed to contact SAS.

  • When this happens, the “PIN Disabled” box becomes checked in Banner.

  • SAS will review, verify and update student record fields as necessary and then un-check the disabled box to give the user 5 new attempts.

Note: if the disabled box is checked for any user, they cannot access Banner self-service areas of jwuLink, such as grades, registration, schedule, account balance, financial aid award, etc.

What happens when the wrong login info is entered into jwuLink?

  • A Failed Login message displays, indicating the wrong user name and/or password was entered.

How can a user reset their password?

  • From the JWULINK page users can click on login issues in the bottom right hand corner to access the Password Reset Manager Site

  • Is Students are unable to reset their password on their own via the Password Reset Manager site they may contact the IT Service Desk for assistance.

What happens when students become inactive in Banner?

  • They have a 90 day grace period with full access to Wildcat Email (exceptions: academic dismissals, academic suspensions, and judicial withdrawals).

  • Their view in jwuLink changes immediately to show condensed content (they no longer get the full experience but can access key records).

What happens when students become graduated in Banner?

  • They maintain full access to Wildcat Email - they have "email for life."

  • Their view in jwuLink changes immediately to show a new alumni page - they maintain access to the Jobs & Internships page + the Athletics page).

Note: Wildcat Email for life began for students graduating Nov 2013 and after.