You cannot complete these steps until the reservation fee has been satisfied (and you should allow 24-72 hours once that happens to allow for your accounts to be created).

You may also access the how to video by clicking on the following link:

New User Setup Video

1. Go to Wildcat Mail.

2. Enter your username.


Use your JWU ID Number, followed by



Use your JWU username followed by


3. Enter your password.


Your temporary password is Jwu! (capital J), followed by your full birthday in MMDDYYYY format.

  • If your birthday is January 1st, 1995, your temporary password is Jwu!01011995.


Temporary passwords will be provided to you with your username.


4. Create a password.

You will be prompted to create a new password, which must:

  • Be a minimum of 8 characters

  • Include an uppercase and lowercase letter

  • Include a number

  • Include a symbol

  • Not include your first name, last name, or username


5. Click Sign in.

You will see a Microsoft page notifying you that the password has been updated.

Password Updated

6. Register

Now that you have created your password, you are required to register with Self Service Password Reset (SSPR) to avoid having your password expired every 24 hours. Once registered with SSPR you can reset your password anywhere, on any device.