• On-Campus Calls: Dial the last 4 digits of the phone number.
  • Inter-Campus Calls: Dial "9" + "1" + 10-digit campus phone number. (Not available in Denver)
  • JWU University Operator: Providence Campus only: Press "0"
  • Emergencies: Dial "911." If you accidentally dial 911 stay on the line and explain it to the operator.  Do not hang-up.  911 and JWU Safety & Security are required to follow-up on 911 hang-up calls.

Local Calls

  • Charlotte - Dial "9" + 10-digit number.
  • North Miami - Dial "9" + 10-digit number.
  • Denver - Dial "8" + 10-digit number.
  • Providence - Dial "9" + 7-digit phone number.

Toll Free Calls

  • Charlotte - Dial "9" + "1" + 10-digit number.
  • Denver - Dial "8" + "1" + phone number.
  • North Miami - Dial "9" + "1" + 10-digit number.
  • Providence - Dial "9" + "1" + phone number.

Long distance/International Calls

  • Charlotte - Dial "9" + "011" + country code + phone number.
  • Denver - Dial “8,” then follow instructions on your prepaid card.
  • North Miami - Dial "9" + "011" + country code + phone number.
  • Providence - Dial "9" + "011" + country code + phone number.

Conference Calls

  1. During a call, press the "more" soft key and then the "ConFrn" soft key to open a new line
  2. Dial tone will be played indicating the previous call is now on hold
  3. Dial the number of the new conference participant
  4. When the new call connects, press the "Confrn" soft key to add the new participant to the call

Repeat steps 1-4 to add new participants (up to a maximum of four participants including the conference call initiator).


Calls Requiring 4+ Participants

Please use JWU’s Audio Conferencing Service.


Remove a Participant

  1.  During a conference call, press the “more” soft key and then the “ConfList” soft key
  2. A list of conference participants will be displayed on the phone
  3. Utilize the arrow keys to highlight the participant to be removed and press the “Remove” soft key

Alternatively a remote participant can simply hang-up to exit the conference.

Forward a Call

  1. Press the "CFwdAll" soft key.
  2. When you hear 2 beeps, enter the 4 - digit extension that you want to forward to.
  3. You will hear one beep and see a display on your screen, showing that your extension is forwarded.
  4. When you return and want to de-activate call forwarding, press the "CFwdAll" soft key.
  5. You will hear one beep. Call forwarding is cancelled.

Transfer a Call

  1. With the caller on your line, press the "Transfer" soft key.
  2. You will hear a dial tone, indicating the caller is now on hold.
  3. Dial the 4-digit extension to which you want to transfer the call.
  4. Tell the person who answers that you are going to transfer a call.
  5. Press the "Transfer" soft key.
  6. You will now be on the line with both parties. Hang up.


  1. The red light at the top of your phone receiver will illuminate and a flashing envelope icon will display next to your extension when you have a voicemail.
  2. Press the Messages button.
  3. Enter the temporary PIN provided to you, followed by the # sign.
  4. Follow the instructions to configure your voicemail.  You will be prompted to configure a new PIN, record your name, and record a personal greeting.


Access Voicemail from Off-Campus

  1. Dial 844-852-1337.
  2. Enter your 10-digit JWU telephone number.
  3. Press #
  4. Enter your pin.
  5. Press #

Access Voicemail from Another VoIP Phone While On-Campus

  1. Press the Messages button
  2. If immediately asked for a pin press * to get to the main menu, otherwise skip to step 3
  3. Enter your 10-digit JWU telephone number
  4. Press #
  5. Enter your pin
  6. Press #


Unified Messaging

Voice-messages delivered as emails

Voice-messages can be delivered to your Inbox as emails with a .WAV file attachment.  Things to remember about Unified Messaging: 

  • Message Status: Voice-Message status is reciprocal across voicemail and email.  If a messages is marked as read in email or listened to in voicemail then the status (listened to/read) replicates to the other system. 
  • Voicemail Quota: The voicemail system has a separate storage quota equal to 30 minutes of audio recordings.   Marking a voice-message email as read does not delete it from the voicemail system.  Deleting a message from Outlook or directly via the phone will delete the message from the voicemail system.  
  • Voice-message Archiving: Messages can be saved on the voicemail system but count towards the smaller voicemail quota.  To archive a voice-message outside of the voicemail system simply move/copy the corresponding voice-message email into a folder other than your Inbox in Outlook/Wildcatmail.  It's suggested to create a separate Archived Voicemails folder within Outlook for this purpose.

Forward a Call

  1. Listen for dial tone.
  2. Dial *72.
  3. When you hear 3 beeps, dial the extension that you want to forward to.
  4. Wait for party to answer the call.
  5. Tell him/her you are forwarding your calls.
  6. Hang up.

To de-activate call forwarding:

  1. Dial *73.
  2. When you hear 3 beeps, hang up.

Call Forwarding is then cancelled.

Transfer a Call

  1. With the caller on the line, press "Transfer" or "Conf 3."
  2. You will hear a dial tone. Dial the 4-digit extension you want to transfer to.
  3. When the extension answers, tell the person you are going to transfer a call.
  4. Press "Transfer" or "Conf 3."
  5. You will now be on the line with the caller and the person to whom you are transferring. Hang up.


Set Up your Voice Mailbox

  1. Dial 2850.
  2. For the initial default password, enter your 7-digit phone number.
  3. Choose a new password which is easy for you to remember and difficult for others to discover
  4. Record your name and a greeting.


Access your Voicemail from Your Desk

  1. Dial 2850.
  2. Enter your password.
  3. Press "#."


If Dialing from Off Campus

  1. Dial 598-2850.
  2. Press "#."
  3. Enter your 10-digit extension, including area code.
  4. Enter your password.
  5. Press "#."



Follow these steps to dial from your JWU faculty/staff office phone:

  • Emergencies: Dial “8 + 911."
  • Campus Safety & Security: Dial “9500."
  • On-Campus Calls: Dial the last 4 digits of the campus phone number.
  • Local Calls: Dial "8" + 10-digit number.
  • Toll Free Calls: Dial "8" + "1" + phone number.
  • Long Distance/International Calls: Dial “8,” then follow instructions on your prepaid card.


Set Up

Follow these steps to set up and access your voicemail:

  1. On your phone, press “Message."
  2. When you are prompted for your mailbox, enter your extension or press "#".
  3. When you are prompted for a temporary password, enter "12 + your 4-digit extension number" (i.e. 121234).
  4. Press “#.”
  5. When you are prompted to change the temporary password, press "84."
  6. When you are prompted, enter your temporary password.
  7. Enter a new password. The system will NOT accept commonly known passwords (i.e. 1111, 1234).


Record a Greeting

  1. Dial “82” and choose what type of greeting:
    • External, press “1.”
    • Internal, press “2.”
    • Temporary, press “3.”
    • Your name, press “9.”
  2. To record a greeting, press “5."
  3. After the tone, record your message and press "#."
  4. Press “2” to review your recording.


Listen to Your Messages

  1. Access your mailbox
  2. Press "2"
  3. To go on to the next message, press "6"


Manage Your Voicemail


  • Login: 8+1
  • Disconnect: 8+3:
  • Change Password: 8+4
  • Remote Notification: 8+4, then 2
  • Return to Speech: 8+4, then 4 
  • Distribution Lists: 8+4, then 5 
  • Go to a specific message: 8+6
  • Change List (to and from e-mail messages): 8+6
  • Custom Mailbox Operator: 8+0, then 1
  • Fax Options: 8+0, then 3 
  • Autologin: 8+0, then 4 
  • Block Messages: 8+0, then 7
  • Help: “*”
  • Cancel/Exit/Stop: “#”