Strengthen Your Cyber Defenses

Keep cyber threats away from your devices. Play in Nova Labs' Cybersecurity Lab and learn about real-world attacks, cyber terms, and how to defend against malicious hackers.

Your Post Can Last a Lifetime 

Before posting online, think about how it might be perceived now and in the future, and who might see it.

Know What's Being Shared

When you share a post, picture or video online, you may also be revealing information about others. Be thoughtful when and how you share information about others.

What Info are You Sharing, and with Whom? 

Your selfie can be more than just a cute photo, similar to everything you do online. See if you pass Nova Labs' privacy and over-sharing quiz.

Golden Rule = Do Unto Others 

Post about others as you'd have them post about you.

Data Can be Permanent

Think before you post. Stop TMI (video).