New Print Service Vendor

As of Monday, April 1, printers on the Providence Campus will be serviced by Canon. This change to Canon from HP delivers significant cost savings while providing the same service elements.

  • Toner levels will be monitored by Canon, who will send replacements when the toner reaches a set depletion level. 

  • Requests for assistance with printers should continue to be submitted as a ticket to the IT Service Desk. Contact info: it@jwu.edu or by calling 1-866-598-4357. Please be prepared to provide the JWU asset tag number (found on the front of the printer).

Service Guide

Order Supplies

Color Printing

How to switch from Double Sided to Single Side

Please note: While Canon will be servicing HP printers, JWU will not be moving to Canon devices across the board. Please ignore the HP ID sticker. Canon can reference our JWU asset tag number for requested repair or supplies

Which printers are covered under this new MPS program?

Laser Printers
The majority of existing HP laser printers are covered. There are a few old laser printers that will not be included due to their age and lack of available parts; however, our plan is to replace these in the near future.

Inkjet Printers
There are only a few HP inkjet printers in use. “Production” style inkjets (ie, Office Jet Pro) will be covered, others will not.

3D Printers & Plotters
These specialty printers are not covered. They will continue to be supplied and serviced as they are now.

Does the MPS program change how we order paper?

No. MPS does not include paper. You should continue to follow your existing process to order paper.

How does the MPS program change how we order toner?

Networked Printers
These are monitored by Canon. When toner gets low, Canon will automatically mail a toner cartridge to you.

Local Non-networked Printers
These are printers that are directly attached to a computer (and are not shared with any other computer or network). This type of printer cannot be monitored by Canon since it is not connected to the network. When you receive a “toner low” message on this type of printer please follow the instructions listed under manual ordering process

How do I order cartridges for an inkjet printer?

We have a limited number of inkjet printers. For inkjet printers which are not part of MPS, cartridges should be ordered via WB Mason as in the past.

What if a printer is not working?

Continue to call JWU IT for issues with all laser, inkjet, and local printers. Ricoh equipment in the Faculty Resource Centers and the Mailroom will continue to be serviced by Ricoh.

What should I do with unopened toner I have now?

If the toner was ordered from WB Mason less than 90 days ago:
It can be returned for a full refund. Please contact Rath Seng (x1163), in Purchasing, to facilitate this process.

If the toner was ordered more than 90 days ago:
Call JWU IT and they will retrieve the toner and receive a credit from Cannon.

If you are unsure when the toner was ordered, please contact Rath Seng.

I keep extra toner for emergency purposes. Can I still do that?

Canon has developed a robust monitoring tool that accurately schedules replacement toner.

Canon will send out replacement toner when the existing toner reaches 10% remaining. This proactive management truly minimizes "toner out" alerts.

If you would like to keep extra toner for emergencies, please follow the instructions listed under manual ordering process.