For all Ordering Methods

Online ordering will become available on Monday, April 8, 2019

Please provide the following:

  • Your name

  • Company

  • JWU Asset tag number

  • Supplies you want to order (e.g., toner, kit, magenta and cyan drums, black drum only)

JWU Providence can order certain printing supplies online or by phone.



Order toner online, or through phone or email, using the below information.


Printer Drums or Collections Kits

Order via phone or email.

Order Online

There are various reasons why you might order toner on your own, outside of the service we have with Canon. You may know a large volume of printing will occur in the near future. You like to have one backup toner available at all times. You need to order printer drums or a collection kit. You have a desktop printer that is not on the JWU network.

  1. Go to www.solutions.canon.com

  2. Click on myCSA Log in button at the upper right hand corner

  3. If new, click on Create Account link, fill in email, equipment number (JWU asset tag #), choose Quick Access radio button, and click Sign In

  4. If user already has account, fill in username and password, and click Login

  5. Order supplies as necessary.