Student Multiuse Computers on Campus

Read&Write software is already installed on all PCs in the computer labs, classrooms, and libraries at all campuses.  We will be including it in the upcoming Mac image for the next academic year.

Faculty and Staff Installation

1. In the taskbar on the right, click on the ^ icon and then right-click on the Symantec Notification Server Icon and go to software portal


2. Double-click on the Windows - Read & Write icon to download and install the software. 


Personal PC and Mac Installation

Regarding Mac and Windows, students can add either or both to their personal devices by going to our website and downloading the trial version by using the link below (click the Try Now button) on our webpage :

You sign in with Microsoft and will be directed to the JWU authentication site where you sign in with your JWU account.

Android Tablet Installation

Please install Read&Write for Android by going to the Google Play Store before clicking the link below to activate. Once Read&Write for Android has been installed on your Android tablet you will then need to activate the app. Please note, Read&Write for Android is supported for use with tablet devices only.

To activate Read&Write for Android, please click the activation link

This installation will only work on supported Android devices.  See the screen shot below.


iPad Installation

The iReadWrite app is only supported through iOS10 and will be discontinued as an iPad app.