Web Forms & Request Forms:

Download these forms and email them to JWU IT.

Submit your request at least 3 business days in advance (unless otherwise noted). IT will contact you to review your request, and determine a completion date.

Fill out ALL fields; incomplete forms will be returned, and result in delays.

Department Security Designees

  • Admissions: Ken Calamar
  • EE&CS: Donna Remington
  • GPS
    • Web Application: Ken Calamar
    • PC Tools: Ken Calamar or Cheryl Shatz
  • Health Services: Catherine Rondeau
  • Peripheral Users: Ken Calamar
  • Residential Life: Adam Cairns
  • Student Academic Services: Cynthia Warner or    Ken Calamar
  • Student Financial Services: Dawn Blanchette

Hardware/Software Information

You only need to complete the Hardware/Software Request form if:

  • You need a new type of software/piece of hardware to enhance how you do your job
  • You have a new (+1) position

The form is not needed to request existing items for turnover/replacement positions, as those items would already exist.

JWU IT provides the following to all employees in support of standard job functionality: 

  • Computer
  • Access to a departmental network printer/multifunction device
  • Department-specific software as licensed
  • Desk phone (Centrex or VoIP, per location requirement)


Your estimated cost for your final approval will be provided by IT, before we charge your account.

  • IT works very closely with the approved budget for the current fiscal year.
  • Departments pay for some specialized software licenses, but IT must approve all software requests.
  • Hardware cannot be expensed directly from your department's budget: All requests must go through IT before approval and purchasing.