Please review the “Computer & Technology Use Policy” for information covering the proper usage of university technology, and the “Written Information Security Policy” (WISP) for information covering the technical and physical safeguards for the protection of personal information.

Client Requirements

Clients (faculty and staff) must report all lost or stolen mobile devices to the IT Service Desk immediately.

If a client suspects that unauthorized access to institutional data has taken place via a mobile device, they must report the incident to Campus Safety & Security  in alignment with the university’s “Written Information Security Policy” (WISP).

Clients must not “jailbreak”* devices or have any software/firmware installed which is designed to gain access to functionality not intended to be exposed to the client.

Clients must not load pirated software or illegal content onto their devices.

Applications must only be installed from official platform-owner approved sources (e.g. Apple Store, Android Market). Installation of code from un-trusted sources is forbidden.

Clients are expected to allow all manufacturer and network provided patches/upgrades.

Clients are expected to not connect devices to computers which do not have up-to-date and enabled antivirus protection.

Clients must be cautious about the merging of personal and JWU email accounts on their devices. They must take particular care to ensure that institutional data is only sent through the JWU email system.

Clients should not use university workstations to backup or synchronize personal content such as photos and media files unless such content is required for legitimate university purposes.

*To jailbreak a mobile device is to remove the limitations imposed by the manufacturer. This gives access to the operating system, thereby unlocking all its features and enabling the installation of unauthorized software.