Self-Service Course Copies: Starting with the Summer 2019 term and semester courses, you now have the option of processing your own course copies with near instant results through a few simple steps.

For details on how to utilize this feature, please see the Course Copy User Guide.

Please note: All fully online courses are, and will continue to be, copied by the College of Online Education.

Separate requests are needed for each course copy request. For example, if one course site is to be copied into two other course sites, two requests must be submitted.

A course copy adds everything from the course you are copying from to the course you are copying into. The best option is to make sure courses we are copying into are empty. 

Please allow 3 business days to complete this request. A confirmation email will be sent to the requestor when the copy is complete.

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For all questions or concerns related to course copies or access to past classes, contact: