Privacy vs. Security: Both Matter

Hackers can guess as many as 200 word combos a second. So, make your passwords long, complex and unique for every site.

Your Password is the Key to your Kingdom

It proves who you are (sometimes called 'authentication'), when you use your email, are banking or shopping, and when you use your smartphone or tablet. So, to protect your information, and JWU's, be sure to make your passwords strong.

Strengthen Your Passwords

The best way to create a strong password is to use a long password; the more characters you have, the better. And, instead of using a single word, use multiple words -- or even a complete sentence. This type of password is called a passphrase. It will be stronger, and you'll remember it more easily! Learn how to create a passphrase and use it securely. (PDF)

Your Privacy Settings

Software updates for apps and products can change privacy preferences back to a default setting. This can mean less privacy and more sharing. Check your privacy settings often; make sure they're set at your comfort level of sharing.

Do Not Share Passwords

Remember to keep your passwords to yourself. And, no one should be asking you for it. JWU employees will never ask for your password -- and you should not offer it. If someone IS asking, beware -- it could be a scam.