Follow these steps to add a shared mailbox to your email folder list:

  1. Open Outlook.
  2. Click “File.”
  3. Click “Info.”
  4. Click “Account Settings.”
  5. Select “Account Settings.”
  6. Click “Change….”
  7. Click “More Settings…
  8. Click “Advanced.”
  9. Click "Add."
  10. Enter the exact name of the account you want to access. Find the name of a shared account:
    • On your Outlook Home tab, click “Address Book.”

    • Enter the the shared mailbox name (or a partial name).

    • Click “Go” to search.

    • You will see a list of search results. Double click on the shared mailbox to view the contact details to ensure it is the correct one.

    • When the Mailbox Contact Information window opens, find the name in the Alias text box. Enter THAT name.

  11. Click “OK.”
  12. You will see the mailbox selected. Click “OK.”
  13. Make sure the mailbox is now listed under Mailboxes.
  14. Click “Next.”
  15. Click “Finish.” 
  16. Click “Close.”
  17. The mailbox will appear in your left panel. To view the shared mailbox, click the arrow next to it.