SSPR Registration

SSPR Registration

SSPR Reset Instructions

SSPR Reset Instructions


Self Service Password Reset Registration

To avoid having your password expired every 24hrs we recommend you complete the SSPR registration

Self Service Password Reset allows you to reset your password from anywhere & any device.  Please follow the steps outlined below to get started. You may also see the how to video by clicking the following link:

Self Service Password Reset Video

1. Navigate to the SSPR Registration page:  https://sspr.jwu.edu/register

Sign in

2. When prompted, type in your JWULink ID (Students) or your username (Staff/Faculty) followed by @jwu.edu then click “Next

3. Enter your password then click “Sign in

Enter Password

4. If you are not registered with SSPR, you will be asked to provide more information for your account. After clicking Next, you will be brought to your Security Info page where you can choose your preferred authentication option for SSPR. You can choose between the following options: Phone, Alternate Phone, Email, & Authenticator App for SSPR registration .

(You can find further information below on Authenticator App, Phone, Alternate Phone, & Email)


5. We highly recommend that you choose the Phone option. To select the Phone option, click I want to set up a different method, select Phone in the drop-down menu and click Confirm. (Please do not use your JWU desk phone number as an authentication option). Some JWU Staff/Faculty may see their JWU phone number populated once they sign into their SSPR profile. It will not be used as an authentication option.

Keep your acct secure.png
choose method.png

6. The Setup your Phone wizard will appear at which point you will pick your Country or Region from the drop-down menu, type your phone number (including the area code if applicable) into the Phone Number field, select Text me a code option, and then select Next. You will then receive a text message with a confirmation code to enter on the verification page. Once complete, select Done on the Success page.

phone 1.png
phone 2.png
phone 3.png
phone 4.png

7. After completing step 6 you will be brought back to your Security Info page where you will see the phone number you selected as your Authentication method. You have now successfully configured your SSPR profile. You can find step by step instructions below on how to configure additional Authentication methods.

security info.png

Additional Information

Note: We recommend that you choose the Phone option as the primary choice for your security information.

Note: Your phone number will not be shared or used for any purposes besides resetting your JWU password.

Please do not use “Alternate phone” as the primary choice, this option should only be used as a backup option

Once at least one of these has been registered, you are now registered for SSPR.  You may now close the browser or tab.


To learn how to reset your password using SSPR, please visit our JWU SSPR Reset page: https://it.jwu.edu/sspr-reset

For more information on the options listed above please visit the SSPR FAQ’s page - https://it.jwu.edu/sspr-faqs

Self Service Password Reset Instructions

If you have issues logging into JWULink or Wildcat Mail, it could be because either:

  • Your password isn't working and needs to be reset, or

  • You know your password, but your account is locked out and you need to unlock it.

 To reset your password and get back into your account

1. Navigate to the SSPR Reset portal (https://password.jwu.edu/reset) or click on the Forgot my password option from the Wildcat Mail login in page.

Enter Password

2. From the Get back into your account screen, type in your JWULink ID (Students) or your username (Staff/Faculty) followed by @jwu.edu, and prove you aren't a robot by entering the characters you see on the screen, and then select Next.


I forgot my password

3. Choose I forgot my password and click Next

4. Choose from one of the verification options you selected when registering for SSPR and follow the instructions to verify your identity and reset your password. 

The options available will differ depending on which authentication method(s) you previously registered with during SSPR Registration.

Verification Step

Additionally, your new password will need to meet the following criteria:

  • Must be a minimum of 8 characters

  • Must include uppercase letters and lowercase letters

  • Must include a number and symbol

  • Cannot include your username

  • The password cannot be any of your previous 8 passwords

After resetting your password, you will receive a confirmation email from “Microsoft on behalf of Johnson & Wales University”.

Note: If you have your JWU email acct synced to any mobile devices please be sure to update your password on those devices.

Note: Staff/Faculty, You may need to lock & unlock your your JWU issued workstation (CTRL+ALT+DEL) so that your new password can synchronize with your workstation. Saff/Faculty who have a JWU issued laptop and are off campus will need to be connected to VPN (Pulse Secure) before locking & unlocking their workstation to synchronize your new password with your workstation.

If you need additional information on how to reset your password please visit our SSPR Reset Information page here: https://it.jwu.edu/sspr-reset-information

If you still can't access your account, please reach out to the IT Service Desk @ 401-598-4357 or TOLL FREE @ 866-598-4357.