Hardware Discounts

  • To help JWU students find discounts on recommended computer hardware, IT has negotiated educational pricing and support services with Best Buy. JWU alumni can also take advantage of this offer.  

    There are 6 exclusive bundles: 3 computer bundles for all students, and 3 computer bundles for students in the School of Engineering & Design (and students with higher-end computer needs).

    1. Review the computer bundle options below, and decide which works best for you
    2. Call 1-888-218-9474, Mon-Fri 9am-8pm ET, Sat 10am-6pm ET
    3. Identify yourself as a Johnson & Wales University student
    4. In addition to these hardware discounts, you can easily get free and discounted software, like Microsoft Office 365 (O365), Symantec Antivirus and Adobe Creative Cloud, once you get your computer.


    Exclusive Bundles For JWU

    JWU College of Engineering & Design

    All other JWU Students

    (and students with higher-end computer needs)
    Consult with your faculty or Dept. Chair if unsure about which selection to make.

    Geek Squad® Protection

    With Accidental Damage from Handling (ADH)

    • One-time battery replacement
    • Dust, heat and humidity repair costs
    • No-lemon Guarantee
    • Monitor burn-in coverage
    • Normal wear and tear repair costs
    • Power surge repair costs
    • Notebook and netbook uniform pixel repair
    • Accidental Damage from Handling as a result of daily use like spills and drops

    Geek Squad Protection plans are available at a variety of prices and coverage levels. Please refer to the actual plan terms and conditions at GeekSquad.com or see a Customer Specialist for a complete description of this plan scope and limitations of coverage. Accidental Damage from Handling covers damage as a result of unexpected and unintentional drops and spills that arise from normal usage of the product as the manufacturer intended. Abuse, misuse or fraud are not covered.

    Screen size measured diagonally. Prices listed do not include sales tax.


    Bundles Include:

    Carrying case
    Extended protection plan!


    What Do you Get?

    Best Buy delivery + installation
    Free in-store pickup
    A dedicated 1-800 number
    Geek Squad support!