Follow these steps to install JWU's "Virtual Private Network" (VPN) software on an Android-based tablet or smartphone.

1. Find and download the software from the Google Play store by searching for Pulse Secure.

2. Press "Install."

3. Press "Accept" to being installation.

Step 3.png

4. Press "Open" to start the Pulse Secure application.

Step 4.png

5. Press "Accept" to the End User License Agreement.

6. Press "Add Connection."

7. Enter the following information:

  • Connection Name: jwu
  • URL: https://vpnaccess.jwu.edu/mobile
  • All other settings: default values

Select "Create Connection."

8. Press "Connect" to open a VPN Connection.

9. Press "OK" to allow the VPN connection.


10. Enter your Active Directory/email Username and Password. Press "Sign in."

11. Once connected the status will change to Authenticated / VPN: Connected.

The Sign Out button will appear and a key icon will display in the top menu tray. 

Outside of the VPN application the VPN key icon will be displayed in the menu tray as long as the device is connected to the JWU network. 

On-campus resources are now available to the device. 

Note that limitations of the device may prevent access to certain resources or applications (ex. Shared folders, web pages requiring Java or Flash player).

To Disconnect

Navigate back to the application and press Sign Out.