Follow these steps to install JWU's "Virtual Private Network" (VPN) software on an Apple i-device (iPhone or iPad).

If there is an older version of Junos Pulse VPN client installed it should be removed from your device to ensure proper operation of the new version. Also, If you are on campus be sure you are not connected to the JWU network in order to configure Pulse Secure.

1. Find & Download the software from the Apple App Store by searching for Pulse Secure and Selecting Get:

2. After installing the software locate it and run it.  Accept the License Agreement:

3. Press Enable Pulse Secure.

4. Select "Configuration."

5. Configuration Settings:

If you are on campus, please be sure to disconnect from the JWU network in order to successfully configure Pulse Secure.

  • Name: JWU

  • URL:

  • All other settings: Defaulted (Authentication: Password; Realm: Optional; Role: Optional)

6. Press "Connect."

7. Enter your JWU username and password, then press "Sign In."

8. The status will change to Connected.

The Disconnect button will display, and the VPN icon will appear in the menu tray.

9. Outside of the VPN application the VPN icon will be displayed in the menu tray as long as the device is connected. 

On-campus resources are now available to the device. 

Note that limitations of the device may prevent access to certain resources or applications (ex. Shared folders, web pages requiring Java or Flash player).

To disconnect from VPN:


Navigate back to the application and press Disconnect.